PeerForce Voucher Programs

Learn about Peerforce financial assistance programs.

Training Vouchers

PeerForce partners with Texas certified training entities to offer vouchers to individuals seeking their first MHPS or RSPS certification.

Eligibility Requirements:

Covers up to $500 for:

Certemy Application Voucher

PeerForce Certemy application vouchers cover the cost of state applications through Certemy

Eligibility Requirement:

Covers $60 for:

Supervision Vouchers

Individuals needing supervision from a Peer Specialist Supervisor during their 250-hour work experience period can apply for a supervision voucher with one of our partner organizations. 

Eligibility Requirement:

Covers up to $400 for:

Scholarship Programs from Training Entities

Peer Academy Scholarship - Up to 100% Scholarship

The Peer Academy Scholarship Program is designed for ambitious learners seeking to transform their educational journey into a springboard for professional success. This exclusive program goes beyond financial support, offering a comprehensive package tailored to cultivate your skills, expand your network, and propel your career forward. With a focus on real-world experiences and financial assistance, Peer Academy scholarships are more than an award—it’s a partnership in your future.

* Terms and Conditions apply, selection is based on availability.

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