Continuing Education Workshops (CEUs)

A Continuing Education Workshop (CEU) is designed to provide ongoing professional development and enhance the knowledge and skills of peer support specialists in the field of peer support.

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Continuing Education Workshops (CEUs) offer opportunities for peer support specialists to engage in ongoing learning, gain advanced knowledge, and acquire specialized skills to better assist individuals in peer support careers. These workshops cover various topics such as trauma-informed care, crisis intervention, cultural competence, ethics, and self-care, empowering peer support specialists to provide effective and compassionate support to their peers and contribute to their recovery journey.

What will you learn

Explore lived experience, personal stories, and diverse pathways to recovery.
Acquire and apply peer support principles through activities and scenarios.
Understand the role of a peer professional, distinguishing it from clinical services, and explore ethical considerations.
Gain insights into equity, justice, and the impact of oppression on mental health, and understand trauma-informed peer support.
Enhance communication skills and learn about validation, asking questions, and reflection in peer-based communication.
About this course:

After MHPS & RSPS Certification