Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS)

PeerForce is here for people who are either looking to explore a career as a peer specialist,
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What is a Recovery Support Peer Specialist?

In Texas, a certified Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS) is a person who uses lived experience in recovery from a substance use disorder, in addition to skills learned in formal training, to deliver strengths-based, person-centered services and promote a recipient's recovery and resiliency.

To learn more about the RSPS certification, and how to get certified, click below to learn more.

Finding Training

Ready to get trained as an RSPS? Looking for CEU opportunities for renewal? Check out our training calendar. Here is a list of upcoming training and CEU opportunities for you to choose from.

Find Supervision

RSPS credentials require a supervised internship period. Start here if you need to find a supervisor or learn more about this stage of the process.


The PeerForce job board shows employment opportunities for Peers and Family Partners across Texas. If you are looking for a position as a peer specialist, click below.


Financial Assistance

PeerForce has limited funds for training, background check, and state application fees. Learn more about applying here.


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