PeerForce Partner Network

Join the PeerForce Partner Network

PeerForce partners with Training Entities, CEU providers, Clinicians, and Peer Specialist Supervisors by: 

  • Advertising their services on the PeerForce website
  • Connecting them with students and Peers across Texas
  • Offering funding opportunities to compensate them for the services they provide

Peer Specialist Supervisors

Peer Specialist Supervisors who partner with us are able to:

  • Have their information displayed on the PeerForce website for peers looking for supervision
  • Receive funding for external supervision of Peer Specialist Interns

Training Entities

If your organization provides RSPS, MHPS, or PSS training, joining our partner network will let you:

  • Advertise your upcoming training events on the PeerForce calendars
  • Receive PeerForce training vouchers for students registering for your classes




PeerForce offers funding opportunities to Licensed Clinicians to provide supervision to Peer Specialist Supervisors.

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