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Houston Tx – Baytown Tx

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We provide Weekly Supervision In-Person, Zoom, or over the Phone. We might have Internship opportunities for Peers living in the Houston and Baytown Area. We work with both RSPS and MHPS. We would be willing to help Peers brainstorm and find Internship opportunities in the city where they live.

A Peer that chooses to go through our Supervision program will be thoroughly trained in all the domains of being a Peer Specialist. Each week we will discuss Peer Competencies such as, but not limited to: “Integrity, Ethics, Professionalism, Leadership skills, Compassion, Diversity, and Spirituality”.

Before contacting us, please make sure you have plenty of availability to meet weekly and access to Zoom. Also make sure you are completely committed to doing what it takes to successfully complete your 250 Hour Supervision. Serious applicants only.

Please contact us with request for Supervision at  281-733-3720 or by Email:

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(281) 733-3720


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Unlimited Visions Aftercare, Inc