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San Antonio & Dallas, Texas

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Regalado Recovery & Self-Discovery, INC. offers weekly/monthly virtual or over the phone supervision to MHPS & RSPS working on 250 Hours for ALL Texas residents, no matter the city you are in across Texas.

Peer Specialists will get above & beyond support, resources, guidance and empowerment for their career journey. Even after supervision, there is an open door policy for additional support & mentorship if needed. Peers will learn how to be a LeaderSHIFTER, use their lived experience IMpactfully empathy, role model, be compassionate, how to avoid burnout, set healthy boundaries, peer ethics, how to own their role, stay in their role, not to lose their certification, how to grow in their field and be a mentor to those coming up behind them. Peers should never forget where they came from. So, are you ready to dive in & become a LeaderSHIFTER in this field?

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Recovery & Self-Discovery, INC.