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Austin, Texas

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[email protected]

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We offer weekly virtual, in-person and over the phone weekly supervision to MHPS. May have some internship opportunities for Peer in the Austin Area. Our supervision consists of providing feedback, guidance and answering any questions or concerns that might arise during your 250 Hour Fieldwork. There will be opportunities to discuss subjects such as “how your own biases and gaps in knowledge can impact the quality and direction of your peer support work”. This supervision experience should help Peets understand ways to handle crisis situations better, understand the worldviews and cultures of others, and review many other day-to-day ‘real life’ situations that may occur while doing Peer work. We pride ourselves on being professional. We will keep track of your supervision hours to include dates and notes. As a Peer under our supervision, you will see, learn and experience true peer support at its finest. We are here to support your personal journey with wellness and recovery. You will learn what makes a peer a champion in the field, how to value choice and become a vision of HOPE.

Please contact us via email and allow plenty of time for response: [email protected]



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Austin Area Mental Health Consumers