Peer Recovery Coach

  • Full Time
  • Houston, TX
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  • Full Time
  • Houston, TX
  • This position has been filled

Avenue 360

Primary Responsibilities: The Lead Recovery Support Specialist will provide leadership to the recovery support services team. The Lead RSPS will collaboratively supervise the team of recovery support peer specialist and oversee operations including regulatory and documentation compliance. The Lead Recovery Support Specialist will endorse and enact recovery-orientated practices and values within Avenue 360 while rendering direct recovery support services to clients. Service provision will focus on role modeling recovery while advocating for and motivating clients in order to help prevent recurrences of substance use and maintain long term recovery.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provide direct peer support to Avenue 360 client including but not limited to improving recovery capital, connection with community resources, development of recovery wellness plans, and facilitation of peer support groups.

• Provide recovery education to clients for every phase of the recovery journey from pre-recovery engagement, recovery initiation, recovery stabilization, and sustained recovery maintenance.

• Identify barriers (internal and external) to full participation in community resources and collaboratively develop strategies to overcome those barriers.

• Actively identify and support linkage to community resources (communities of recovery, educational, vocational, social, cultural, spiritual resources, mutual self-help groups, professional services, ect.) that support the recovery person’s goals and interests. This will involve a collaborative effort including the recovering person, agency staff and other relevant stakeholders.

• Promote self-advocacy by assisting recovering persons to have their voices fully heard; their needs, goals, and objectives established as the focal point of rehabilitation and clinical services.

• Evaluate work performance through direct observation, co-working, assessments, and reflection, all in collaboration with the peer workers.

• Maintain accurate and timely documentation of services in client’s electronic health record.

• Implements a strengths-based assessment process for the participant to identify resources and goals across multiple life domains that are best suited for the participant.

• Implements recovery-oriented practices such as motivational interviewing.

• Ensures participants have access to a diverse menu of recovery supports and services within the clinic environment from which to select based on their identified needs, goals, and preferences.

• Develop policies for post-treatment monitoring support and early intervention.

• Other duties as assigned.

Educational and Job Related Requirements

• High school diploma.

• Lived experience with substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder and recovery.

• TCBAP Recovery Support Peer Specialist and Recovery Support Peer Specialist Supervisor Certification.

• At least three (three) years of recovery coaching experience.

• Excellent verbal, and written communication skills.

• Time management and organizational skills.

• Maintain high ethical standards while working with clients.

Continuing Education and Requirements

Participate in trainings required by the agency and funding source. Complete required 20 hours of

continuing education hours including six hours of ethical practice. Must secure CEU’s annually to

maintain licensure and provide copies of CEUs to HR.

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