About our Training Vouchers

PeerForce only offers training vouchers for the following classes:

  • RSPS Supplemental
  • MHPS Supplemental
  • PSS Initial

These vouchers only cover up to $450 of the training cost. Any outstanding balance will be the responsibility of the peer applicant to coordinate between the training entity to pay the difference.

Assistance is limited to one (1) training voucher per applicant and the applicant must not hold any other type of Peer Specialist certification. If you apply and do not meet this criteria your application will not be approved.

If you are applying for RSPS or MHPS supplemental training, you will need to have completed the MHPS/RSPS Core Training course and upload a copy of your certificate of completion. If you do not include your core certificate of completion as part of the application your application will not be approved. The completion of core training and the certificate is a requirement for approval.

Before You Start

Before registering for training, we recommend reviewing the steps of the certification process, background check requirements, and associated fees.  You can view this information in our wiki.

Applicants are required to choose a training class they would like to take.  If you have not done so, take a look at our training calendars page to see upcoming training events.